No More UK Landing Cards on Arrival, ePassport Gates Open to US and Other Citizens

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Have you used the ePassport gates in UK airports?  How was your experience? Hopefully this won’ t slow the gates that were ePassport!

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As of May 20, passengers arriving UK airports no longer have to fill out UK landing cards. I mentioned that the UK was about to open their ePassport lanes to overseas nationals in a place from late at 2018, and that time is now. Formerly, and including more nations than originally intended.
The Home Office maintains the choice won’t lead to a security risk, which cards are mainly utilised to accumulate data as opposed to informing regular security checks.

This article was originally printed on Travel Codex. Read it at No Longer UK Landing Cards on Arrival, ePassport Gates Open to US and additional Citizens.

How does this work? The gates utilize facial recognition technology to evaluate a passenger’s face to the electronic picture listed in their passport. They are monitored by Border Force officers and anybody refused in the gates will soon be sent to an official passport test to get their passport and identity assessed.

Many countries have stopped using landing cards on coming. Countries in the Schengen Zone (many EU nations), don’t use landing cards at all. Canada eliminated these cards several decades back. Strangely, the decision to remove these cards was not announced beforehand, even for Border Force personnel. Representatives of those employees have expressed worries concerning this sudden shift. Regardless of that:

No more UK Landing Cards on birth

As of now, passport holders in the seven states mentioned previously can utilize the ePassport gates which were previously reserved for UK citizens, residents of European Economic Area states, and members of the Registered Traveller program. In my experience, the traces for all these gates are extremely short, if there is any queue at all. This should be a large improvement for all travelers when moving through border actions.

Using ePassport gates at UK airports

The movement is”designed to speed up border controls for low-risk countries.”

As a US citizen, I’m pleased with the change. The wait period for passport control may be long, especially at Heathrow. When these changes were suggested, I wasn’t certain when or whether it would really occur. As a result of this uncertainty, I revived my UK Registered Traveller, but since then I’ve entered the UK a total of 0 times. Whoops. A gamble that didn’t cover for me…
According to the UK Home Office, (analogous to a combination of the US Department of State and Department of Homeland Security):

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