An Impromptu Beach Day in Landlocked Dallas

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Planning the Perfect Beach Day

You can swim here, but beware of twigs randomly sticking out of the floor.
After about one hour at the beach, we headed home about 12:15.  I truly didn’t wish to cook, so I Googled someplace on the best way to catch lunch.  What came to the rescue?  An noodle hamburger shack on the west side of the lake in Lucas, Kelly Family Farms.
Ashok rolling his suitcase
Mallard Park is at Lavon, off State Highway 78 about 35 miles north of Dallas.  Beware, it’s easy to overlook, particularly heading eastbound on 78.  Just past FM 6, where the road goes from two lanes to 2, you’ll visit a picnic spot on the left.  Immediately beyond that picnic area is the turnoff for Mallard Park.  Look very closely, and you also ’ll see the sign near the top of the hill.  After a short distance, 1 road continues right to the boat launching.  Another heads abandoned, which winds up to the beach and picnic area.
Or, bring a lawn chair, and settle back and revel in the view of this lake.
Luckily, he chose the pebbles made a fair substitute for beach sand, and promptly got to work with his shovels.  Score one for daddy ’s ingenuity!

Read it in An Impromptu Beach Day in Landlocked Dallas.
Kelly Family Farms, Lucas, Texas
Looking out across the lake

Running along the lakeshore

Little Ashok convinced was pumped to receive his bag and shovels packed from the trunk.

Nearby Allergic to Wrap Up

This park also produces a good place for a picnic.  There are lots of picnic tables between the water and parking lot; more importantly, big trees offer lots of colour.  If the children want to keep their digging project, however you’re tired of hanging out from the hot sun, there’s lots of digging dirt under the trees, also.
Several DFW-area lakes comprise “shores ” along swimming coves.  These are generally pebbly sandbars along a portion of the lakeshore set aside for swimming and swimming.  Lake Lavon has a number of them, with all the one in Mallard Park generally considered the greatest.
Packing the suitcase in the trunk
Map of Kelly's Family Farms Burger Stand
Double cheeseburger with bacon

It’s simple spot, with a couple of tables under umbrellas.  I collect many folks pick up food to carry home; the website features the call-in, online, or Grubhub choices.

Mallard Park shaded picnic area

Should you’re led to the lake and have a grill, then Kelly’s also sells meat by the pound and steaks.

Making sand castles with pebbles
Kelly Family Farms seating

Plenty of dirt under the shade trees

Mallard Park, Lake Lavon
While I work on my next trip report, I believed I’d share a light-hearted tale from the July 4th holiday.  We remained at home over the long weekend, so just heading down the path to mom’s house sometimes.  However, as we frequently do, we started talking about traveling around the dinner table.  Especially, my mom attempting to take my nephew to a beach vacation over Christmas.  My son Ashok absolutely loves the shore.  Actually, I don’t think he’s met one that he doesn’t enjoy.  So naturally, when he discovered about the beach, he wished to proceed.  Like now.  At this time.

Although the federal government (US Army Corps of Engineers) operates the park, this one doesn’t charge an entry fee, or require a permit to utilize.
The day comprised seasonably hot weather for early July, but not obnoxiously so.  So I led Ashok down to the pebbly shore, trusting that he ’d accept the replacement.
Dropping pebbles in the water

Digging in the pebbles

The easy place serves up an equally straightforward menu.  Namely, hamburgers, either single, double, triple, or quad.  A broiled chicken sandwich is also available on the menu.  Should you’re vegetarian, though the grilled cheese a part of their child ’s menu, they’ll make one for adults if you inquire.

He also loved walking along the shore, staring out over the lake, along with falling pebbles in the water.

Ashok started asking to go to the shore at 8:30 at night.  Obviously, that isn’t happening, but I did figure out how to convince him we needed to go home .  “You want to pack your suitcase before we proceed, Ashok! ”  I sort of hoped he’d neglect by dawn, but nope.  After he finished breakfast, then he wished to pack his bags to go to the shore.  So I indulged himand asked him to receive his bag from the closet and pack a few clothes in there.  Meanwhile, that gave me a few minutes to come up with a way – find a nearby lake using a “beach”.  Providentially, the east side of Lake Lavon, approximately 40 minutes off, had several swimming beaches.  The only at Mallard Park at Lavon looked as the best bet.
I presumed it had been – pretty good?  The chef cooked well, with bacon which struck on the happy medium between crispy and Saturdays.  But the meat had an inexplicably sweet flavor, like honey.  I don’t know whether it’s the seasoning they use, or if that’s only the flavor of grass fed beef.  Anyhow it didn’t stop me from eating the entire thing.  $10.50 to get a double cheeseburger seems steep, but it will include chips and a drink.  Still expensive, if you want my opinion, but not as poor.

A Short Trip to the Lake Beach

And then off we went to our 45 minute ride into the “beach”.

Getting There

Lake view from picnic area
Packing beach shovels
I offer up this as either a lighthearted travelogue, and also an option if your young children start demanding a visit to the beach.  In case you live 300 miles from one like we do, then you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a more “beach day”.  Odds are, there’s a nearby lake where you can replicate our substitute day at the beach.  They’ll enjoy it all the same.  Well, till they’re mature, and realize they’ve been fooled…
Lake Lavon at Mallard Park

Good …we live 300 miles away from the nearest one, a 6 hour drive one way using a kid.  Yup, you don’t wish to understand how much those cost.  And so, daddy had to improvise.

Mallard Park beach

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