An Impromptu Beach Day in Landlocked Dallas

An Impromptu Beach Day in Landlocked Dallas

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Planning the Perfect Beach Day

You can swim here, but beware of twigs randomly sticking out of the floor.
After about one hour at the beach, we headed home about 12:15.  I truly didn’t wish to cook, so I Googled someplace on the best way to catch lunch.  What came to the rescue?  An noodle hamburger shack on the west side of the lake in Lucas, Kelly Family Farms.
Ashok rolling his suitcase
Mallard Park is at Lavon, off State Highway 78 about 35 miles north of Dallas.  Beware, it’s easy to overlook, particularly heading eastbound on 78.  Just past FM 6, where the road goes from two lanes to 2, you’ll visit a picnic spot on the left.  Immediately beyond that picnic area is the turnoff for Mallard Park.  Look very closely, and you also ’ll see the sign near the top of the hill.  After a short distance, 1 road continues right to the boat launching.  Another heads abandoned, which winds up to the beach and picnic area.
Or, bring a lawn chair, and settle back and revel in the view of this lake.
Luckily, he chose the pebbles made a fair substitute for beach sand, and promptly got to work with his shovels.  Score one for daddy ’s ingenuity!

Read it in An Impromptu Beach Day in Landlocked Dallas.
Kelly Family Farms, Lucas, Texas
Looking out across the lake

Running along the lakeshore

Little Ashok convinced was pumped to receive his bag and shovels packed from the trunk.

Nearby Allergic to Wrap Up

This park also produces a good place for a picnic.  There are lots of picnic tables between the water and parking lot; more importantly, big trees offer lots of colour.  If the children want to keep their digging project, however you’re tired of hanging out from the hot sun, there’s lots of digging dirt under the trees, also.
Several DFW-area lakes comprise “shores ” along swimming coves.  These are generally pebbly sandbars along a portion of the lakeshore set aside for swimming and swimming.  Lake Lavon has a number of them, with all the one in Mallard Park generally considered the greatest.
Packing the suitcase in the trunk
Map of Kelly's Family Farms Burger Stand
Double cheeseburger with bacon

It’s simple spot, with a couple of tables under umbrellas.  I collect many folks pick up food to carry home; the website features the call-in, online, or Grubhub choices.

Mallard Park shaded picnic area

Should you’re led to the lake and have a grill, then Kelly’s also sells meat by the pound and steaks.

Making sand castles with pebbles
Kelly Family Farms seating

Plenty of dirt under the shade trees

Mallard Park, Lake Lavon
While I work on my next trip report, I believed I’d share a light-hearted tale from the July 4th holiday.  We remained at home over the long weekend, so just heading down the path to mom’s house sometimes.  However, as we frequently do, we started talking about traveling around the dinner table.  Especially, my mom attempting to take my nephew to a beach vacation over Christmas.  My son Ashok absolutely loves the shore.  Actually, I don’t think he’s met one that he doesn’t enjoy.  So naturally, when he discovered about the beach, he wished to proceed.  Like now.  At this time.

Although the federal government (US Army Corps of Engineers) operates the park, this one doesn’t charge an entry fee, or require a permit to utilize.
The day comprised seasonably hot weather for early July, but not obnoxiously so.  So I led Ashok down to the pebbly shore, trusting that he ’d accept the replacement.
Dropping pebbles in the water

Digging in the pebbles

The easy place serves up an equally straightforward menu.  Namely, hamburgers, either single, double, triple, or quad.  A broiled chicken sandwich is also available on the menu.  Should you’re vegetarian, though the grilled cheese a part of their child ’s menu, they’ll make one for adults if you inquire.

He also loved walking along the shore, staring out over the lake, along with falling pebbles in the water.

Ashok started asking to go to the shore at 8:30 at night.  Obviously, that isn’t happening, but I did figure out how to convince him we needed to go home .  “You want to pack your suitcase before we proceed, Ashok! ”  I sort of hoped he’d neglect by dawn, but nope.  After he finished breakfast, then he wished to pack his bags to go to the shore.  So I indulged himand asked him to receive his bag from the closet and pack a few clothes in there.  Meanwhile, that gave me a few minutes to come up with a way – find a nearby lake using a “beach”.  Providentially, the east side of Lake Lavon, approximately 40 minutes off, had several swimming beaches.  The only at Mallard Park at Lavon looked as the best bet.
I presumed it had been – pretty good?  The chef cooked well, with bacon which struck on the happy medium between crispy and Saturdays.  But the meat had an inexplicably sweet flavor, like honey.  I don’t know whether it’s the seasoning they use, or if that’s only the flavor of grass fed beef.  Anyhow it didn’t stop me from eating the entire thing.  $10.50 to get a double cheeseburger seems steep, but it will include chips and a drink.  Still expensive, if you want my opinion, but not as poor.

A Short Trip to the Lake Beach

And then off we went to our 45 minute ride into the “beach”.

Getting There

Lake view from picnic area
Packing beach shovels
I offer up this as either a lighthearted travelogue, and also an option if your young children start demanding a visit to the beach.  In case you live 300 miles from one like we do, then you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a more “beach day”.  Odds are, there’s a nearby lake where you can replicate our substitute day at the beach.  They’ll enjoy it all the same.  Well, till they’re mature, and realize they’ve been fooled…
Lake Lavon at Mallard Park

Good …we live 300 miles away from the nearest one, a 6 hour drive one way using a kid.  Yup, you don’t wish to understand how much those cost.  And so, daddy had to improvise.

Mallard Park beach

Where to Stay for NYC Pride: LGBTQ-Friendly Hotels in NYC

Where to Stay for NYC Pride: LGBTQ-Friendly Hotels in NYC

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8 LGBTQ-Friendly Hotels at NYC

The courtyard at Arlo SoHo

Where to Stay at SoHo

The Tillary

W New York – Times Square

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In 2019, celebrating 50 years since Stonewall, NYC Pride is the host for the global LGBTQ event World Pride. Four million tourists are expected to flock to the city meaning this season ’s event will be cramped –but fun!
The post Where to Stay for NYC Pride: LGBTQ-Friendly Hotels at NYC appeared first on Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog).
The package is available to book through mid-September and features original prints, photos by Hirschfeld, & style costumes from The Cher Show. Rates begin at $499 per night. The Sofitel NYC frequently has Broadway-themed suites, making it a wonderful alternative for theater-fans.

Where to Stay at Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

Even though you’ve seen it , it’s worth seeing Times Square again. And its central place and tall buildings also make it one of the most convenient areas to stay in all of New York City.

Why during NYC Pride? The hotel is a official sponsor of World Pride, and, consequently, is hosting lots of pride-focused occasions. At a partnership with  Stonewall Community Foundation, the resort lobby is also home to a public exhibit honoring icons from the LGBTQ community with a focus son faces & places.
The thing is, even though, it’s really a fairly rewarding spot. By Times Square, you’re close to all the Broadway theatres, the purchasing (so much purchasing ), and that picture-perfect representation of New York, New York.

Williamsburg is where hipsters were born. Kind of. Therefore it’s no surprise it’s the hottest and hippest neighborhood to stay for tourists visiting New York City and Brooklyn, especially. There are a small number of cool hotels–each with their rooftop pools (which exorbitant entry fees for non-guests).

Looking for more NYC Pride tips?

Among the newest hotels in NYC’s Times Square, the Aliz Resort can also be home to Dear Irving–the greatest open-air hotel bar in all of Manhattan around the 40th along with 41st flooring (and with exceptional cocktails, also!) . And an wonderful burger joint in the lobby named Farm into Burger.

Midtown is a fairly expansive expression for Manhattan and covers a broad selection of locations. But basically, the north region a part of the center city that doesn’t comprise Times Square or the Garment District, but instead a sliver of roads from Central Park down south to Bryant Park.
New York Pride is the world’s biggest LGBTQ celebration. The yearly June event commemorates the Stonewall riots which are credited with establishing the contemporary LGBTQ rights motion. Since New York City is where so much of it started, the pride parade here is unlike anyplace else.

Sofitel NYC

Locate a trendy hotel to keep through Pride in my guide on some of NYC’s best LGBTQ-friendly hotels.
Times Square often invites pain and shouts from New Yorkers. It’s crowded and loud and active and lively, and whether it’s basically at the middle of Manhattan, it’s comparatively easy to avoid.

Arlo SoHo offers bicycle rentals

Arlo Hotel

Why during NYC Pride? Round the Earth, the Sofitel brand has long-catered to LGBTQ travelers. During Pride Month and through July, the NYC hotel is donating proceeds from its bar sales throughout Proud Hour daily 8-10pm to the Ali Forney Center which supports homeless LGBTQ youth.
Why throughout NYC Pride? Along with having an LGBTQ-friendly resort (and walking distance to the gay Hells Kitchen area ), it’s possible to also book a particular rate during Pride Month to get the opportunity to join them in their pride float during the NYC pride parade.

If it’s possible to find a reservation, then try out the Scarpetta restaurant in the house. The Italian restaurant functions luxurious dishes and delicious homemade pastas and breads among other items.

Why throughout NYC Pride? Particular pride levels apply to the hotel such as welcome drinks from the onsite Roman-style aperitivi pub, Vini e Fritti.

Aliz Hotel near Times Square

Aliz Resort

The Downtown Brooklyn region is one of the greatest places to remain in Brooklyn since it’s so convenient to Manhattan–only 10 to 15 minutes on the metro maximum to get to Lower Manhattan. Since there are many tourist sites reachable from there, not to mention the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, it’s good base that’s definitely going to be more affordable and ample than staying in a Manhattan hotel.

Why stay for NYC Pride? Should you’re searching for a budget place to stay with great design and a place that’s easy to achieve all of the pride events, The Tillary is a superb boutique hotel choice.
Why during NYC Pride? A helpful pride guide exists on the hotel site detailing particular LGBTQ+ pride bargains.
The resort has its very own urban oasis having an elevated green park (with a burger food truck and tons of street art) open to the public.

The lobby at The Tillary is a fun hangout space
Scarpetta functions a Selection of refined Italian food meals in an upscale setting

The luxury resort (part of the AccorHotels manufacturer ) knows style like few other resort brands. Their NYC Sofitel house in Midtown has a gorgeous lobby and a web-based restaurant Gaby Brasserie Française having a luxurious fine dining of French foods. (Don’t overlook the French Onion Soup!)

James NoMad
Suites at The James NoMad are spacious

Where to Stay at Midtown

As a special deal celebrating 50 years since Stonewall, the resort also changed one of its luxury suites to some show-stopping Cher themed package decked out in souvenir honoring Cher and The Cher Show.
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Aliz Hotel

Rooms are small at the hotel, however, the on-site amenities are all spacious. The rooftop bar attracts tourists and locals alike, and a lot of open area in the lobby makes it effortless to match others.
The resort is also home to some retail pop-up store from gender-neutral shop called FEIGN.  And if all of the people LGBTQ events available aren’t sufficient, guests in The James that reserve the unique pride package get all sorts of unique advantages, including 2(X)IST clothes.

The place was a hotbed for funding merchants, but today with its prime location in Manhattan, you will find a couple of luxury resorts and top-quality restaurants. On weekends, it’s actually pretty quiet because there aren’t quite as many tourists at the Times Square district, along with the office employees aren’t around.

redbury hotel
Bathrooms at the Redbury Hotel

The Redbury

Service is excellent at the hotel and there are just two on-site restaurants. Wifi comes with a fee except at the lobby where it’s free.
The Redbury’s place has a mythical feminist history, too. The building originally started as The Women’s Hotel in 1903, the very first hotel in New York to provide home for professional ladies.

Why during NYC Pride? For Pride Month, the resort is hosting several LGBTQ occasions, including a pre-pride pool party, LGBTQ movie nights, and there’s ’s a pride-themed mural in the premises, also! Assess the entire William Vale calendar for event information.
Views from the rooms are amazing (south-facing rooms have views of the Empire State Building) and despite the relative small size of the resort, rooms are sized with fantastic amenities. It’s ’s a skinny but really tall building, therefore that there may be the occasional wait for the lift –however it’s worth it as the views are just so brilliant.

NoMad is a humorous title for a district of Manhattan. Essentially, “North of all Madison,” it’s ’s often known as an up-and-coming community. Broadway pieces through it along with also the district is just north of Madison Square Park.

There aren’t any shortage of skyscrapers in Midtown and a great deal of hotel supplies.
In addition to the excellent central location (suitable to the World Pride parade), The James NoMad hotel offers guests a day happy hour with cheese and wine, and amazingly spacious bedrooms. North-facing rooms make far better city viewpoints, but the historical building is scenic inside and outside.
With one of Soho’s best rooftop bars, a stylish lobby bar & café, and also an fantastic on-site restaurant called Harolds, the Arlo Hotel is just one of the best places to stay during NYC Pride week.
SoHo is a great deal of fun because of its many bars and restaurants, also. Some of the hotel bars in SoHo are actually popular with tourists –though tourists and visitors are welcome also.
For the past couple of decades, W Hotels has prides itself as an LGBTQ-friendly manufacturer by working with LGBTQ founders and influencers as part of the”Queer Me Out” panels which take place inside their houses around the world. The panels protect everything from relationship to activism.
Because of the comparative ease to journey between Williamsburg and Manhattan through public transportation (in the über-hipster Bedford stop on the L train), the neighborhood is a favorite with plenty of trendy resorts.

The James hotel in NoMad

The James — NoMad

In Manhattan’s NoMad district, The Redbury has a superbly boutique layout with musical style touches during (a nod to the neighboring historical Tin Pan Alley). There are entrances to the hotel on both the 29th and 30th streets, and pubs on each end as well.
SoHo is one of the favorite NYC neighborhoods. In Lower Manhattan, it’s readily accessible from most other boroughs by the subway, along with the buildings that are low offer you panoramic skyline views.
Downtown Brooklyn and the DUMBO area near Brooklyn Bridge is where most hotels and many of the hotel chains have their own Brooklyn properties. The area has been undergoing a great deal of development in the past few years and it’s where many towers and tall buildings in the borough are located.
Even though you’re not likely to stay in the Brooklyn resort, don’wont miss the rooftop bar Westlight to get an wonderful 360-degree view of the New York City skyline.
Located in the center of Manhattan and just steps away from Times Square (literally), this luxury hotel has a terrific lobby bar (even though it’s windowless) in which they host regular LGBTQ occasions.
Rooms in The William Vale are slick and fashionable, and stand out among other NYC hotel properties due to their modern design that feels fresh. Every room on the house contains a balcony (book a corner suite for the top views) which makes the entire experience that much more magical.
Why during NYC Pride? As part of the World Pride Mural Project, the Arlo SoHo hotel has a large LGBTQ-themed mural in an interior wall of their garden.

Dear Irving Rooftop bar at Aliz Hotel
Dear Irving Rooftop bar at Aliz Hotel

Where to Stay in NoMad

Where to Stay at Times Square

Have a look at my 2019 World Pride – NYC travel hints here.

The lobby’s open, mid-century modern art deco style is immediately inviting–only helped by the oversized board games. On the next floor of the lobby, a tiny indoor bar is cozy and trendy (with wonderful spins on classic cocktails on the menu). But the actual allure of this space is the massive outdoor patio–perfect for bands!

Shanghai’s Marriage Market | Fuji X-Pro2

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Every Saturday and Sunday as 1996, Shanghai’s Marriage Market (人民公园相亲角) in the large People’s Square supplies parents (and grandparents) the opportunity to market their unmarried children by submitting their vital statistics including age, heightand educational qualifications and job history. 

Irrespective of weather, the union market is kept and can be a favorite outing for many parents and very rarely, for unmarried youngsters also. Posted on umbrellas and walls, hundreds of commercials with private details relevant to the Oriental such as height, age, income, education, Chinese zodiac sign, and if they have a vehicle or an apartment… and sometimes, photographs.

I spent on 2 events in the Marriage Market; along with the natives, trying to find occasional success to be imperceptible; or to turn into a comfortable but unobtrusive sight.

Examining a poster using a glamorous girl hanging out of a grille (it is in the gallery) somewhat too closely, I was almost instantly accosted by an older guy who asked me -in sign language- if I was interested in her. Before I might signify that I wasn’t, he had called out to a local girl who was the mom or was a marriage broker. I fled quite honestly.

I’d read that the speed of success from each of these commercials are extremely law, therefore that I feel the Marriage Market will be primally a normal weekly trip for retired folks, an chance to interact with like-minded traditionalists. . .and yes, possibly a chance -even a slender one- in being capable of match-making. 

In the People’s Square Metro channel, there’s a whole corridor that is full of small stores selling wedding gowns, along with other wedding paraphernalia. It must have a link to the Marriage Market, but none of the stores were busy when I was still not there.

Kevin Frayer | Sichuan Opera

Kevin Frayer | Sichuan Opera

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Photo © Kevin Frayer | All Rights Reserved

I’ve followed the Job of Getty’s Kevin Frayer; an award -winning photojournalist based in Asia, who was a photographer at the Canadian Press and Also a Chief Photographer for the Associated Press Located in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, and New Delhi.

All Rights Reserved

Along With my own while, not as colorful, is of an older performer anticipating his turn during an opera performance in Kuala Lumpur. It had considerable support in the courtroom and spread because it was filmed at a speech widely understood across China, while regional varieties such as Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuanese opera stuck to their dialects and songs.

Though the Communist leadership stayed keen on Peking Opera when it took power in 1949, it was afterwards during the Cultural Revolution that it was prohibited. It maybe not until the 1980s that theater companies began to form again in China.

However all kinds of Chinese opera have had to compete with new forms of entertainment that came with China’s economic boom.  In the 1960s there have been more than 300 types of British cinema, dwindling to approximately 200 in this present time. 

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